WP Link Shield Diamond 2.0 Plugin

WP Link Shield Diamond 2.0 Plugin

WP Link Shield Diamond is a new generation link cloaker that created by Michael Thomas and Chris Hitman. It’s built to protect your links from aggressive scanning, devaluation and common blocking. It’s also one the easiest and smartest link cloakers on the market.

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 WP Link Shield Diamond Review – Why Should You Get It?

This is the tool that can help the marketers to earn up to $306 Per Click. Do you think this is an impressive figure or amount of money? I think for each click, if we can earn up to $306, you are really well-done. Why? This is the amount of money that the other may have to earn in even months or more. But, how can you do this? Do you think that you can do this in a short time, within a click? I know it is hard. But I can, and you can, too.

8 HUGE Digital Sales leaks FIXED … up to 60% Commissions lost
Want to know how marketers are literally losing up to 60% in affiliate sales? And how to fix these Instantly…
Chris & Michael of Cyber Tactics found 7 HUGE COMMISSION LEAKS that are costing affiliates thousands of dollars right now…

       1. 99% Link Cloakers Break Responsive sites
If you think you are protecting your links by link cloaking think again… 99% of cloakers break responsive sites – this is down to some very bad coding by most link cloakers
This is now the #1 reason for lost sales as 60% of us use mobile devices.

  1. Browser Switching

This is where users click on an affiliate link then switch browsers copying the new de-cloaked link that doesn’t deposit a cookie…you don’t get paid.

  1. De-Cloaked Referral Leaks

This is where visitors share the RAW link after they clicked an offer & it’s de-cloaked – 99% of affiliate links turn into RAW links after they are clicked – these links don’t cookie the browser & you don’t get paid.

  1. Social Blocking

This is where social sites block a domain & even block pages that contain links to the blocked resource …so even if you’ve done nothing wrong – you get blocked too

… & without the ability to post your links socially you don’t get paid…

Social sites now monitor the amount of links posted by each account… it’s very easy to get blocked.

  1. Link Trust

This is where you post the RAW affiliate link or use a link shortening service which produces links that looks like garbage … this reduces visitor trust = less visitors = less sales.

  1. Link Harvesting

Some offers contain exit pops with no other purpose than persuading your visitors to join the vendors list … this is a covert commission leak – reducing your chances of getting paid on that vendor’s future products.

  1. Blank Social Metas

if you try & share a link on a social site with no meta description/images – they look worthless & boring – this reduces interest, clicks & commissions.

  1. Bad Link Management

There’s no sense in pointing traffic to poor performing offers – your links must be re-routable at any time – using the right cloaker allows you to do that.
In a nutshell if you’re not cloaking links you are losing loads of money & if you are cloaking using inferior products you are losing money too
WP Link Shield 2.0 has just been released – it fixes all the above issues – see it in action here…
This super tool protects your affiliate links, makes your links look natural, allows you to post them socially with full metas & maximizes your affiliate income.

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WP Link Shield Diamond Plugin Review

WP Link Shield Diamond Plugin Review

WP Link Shield 2.0 Overview:

Plugin Vendor: Chris Hitman et al
Plugin Name: WP Linkshield 2.0
Launch Date: 2016-06-25
Plugin Type: Affiliate Link Cloacking Plugin
Official Website: Click Here to go to the official page

Box-1-WP Link ShieldWP Link Shield 2.0 plugin protects your affiliate links, makes your links look natural, allows you to post them socially with full metas and maximizes your affiliate income a no brainer for all affiliate marketers. This plugin helps you avoid having your cloaked links blocked, affiliate commissions stolen, and helps prevent hackers from entering your site through the link cloaker you may already be using. WP Linkshield is a new generation link cloaker plugin that uses the strongest technology on the market. It’s built to protect your links from aggressive scanning, devaluation and common blocking. It’s also one the easiest and  smartest link cloakers on the market. It’s the only link cloaking plugin on the market that auto that selects the best link cloaking mode for you to avoid affiliate network TOS problems, keeping your links compliant & commissions safe. This new version has added a live facebook preview, improved social sharing options, Traffic Statistics & options to add your own traffic pixels.

The most old cloakers broke mobile sites. A serious bug in the code means that when a responsive site is opened through a cloaked link. The page breaks and is no longer responsive. The visitor would see a broken page, they have to have to scroll & zoom all over the place just to see the content. This ruins user the experience & many visitors simply leave. In fact 60% of visitors use mobile devices nowadays to browse internet, so that’s a huge amount of potential traffic completely wasted. Many link cloakers use weak redirect modes instead of cloaking, this is the primary reason for link blocking and link failure. Using RAW affiliate links is also the easiest way to lose commissions through affiliate ID switching as the affiliate ID is wide open for all to see. Now more than ever before Social Sites Like Facebook, Google+ Instagram & Twitter are monitoring & auto blocking links. This could happen to anyone & for any reason. Sometimes the links are blocked for no reason at all & with little chance of appeal. Email Service Service Providers like Yahoo & Gmail which carry 65%+ of all email traffic now scan links & devalue any emails that have URLS from domains associated with bulk mailing all such mail ends up in spam. And of course it’s no secret that Google hates affiliate sites which is why most affiliate sites never rank in high search engines. Affiliate sites are simply being ignored.

Affiliates Lose Up to 30% Commission Through Theft & Browser Switching. Another problem is that many visitors switch browsers mid session and simply copy the de-cloaked link from one browser to another. This means no cookie was placed and the affiliate lost the sale.

WP Link Shield plugin solves these problems in seconds. This simple plugin already trusted by 1,000’s of marketers.

Wp Link Shield 2.0 WordPress Plugin Features:

  • The Only Mobile Friendly Link Cloaker
    Specially built to run in strong cloaking mode that doesn’t break responsive sites
  • Protects Against Browser Switching
    Our cloaked link URLs never change which means the browser switching problem is eliminated
  • Protects Against Affiliate Commission Theft
    WP Link Shield links never expose the affiliate ID protecting you from lost commissions
  • Protects Against Link Devaluation & Blocking
    Our Strong Cloaking mode prevents links pages being scanned & devalued
  • Auto Selects the RIGHT Cloaking Mode
    The right cloaking mode is auto to prevent affiliate network blocking issues
  • Only Cloaker That Works in ALL Social Media
    Our links work on all social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Google+…
  • Only Cloaker with LIVE Facebook Post Preview
    Gives you total control of what your link will look like in Facebook before you post it
  • Creates 100% Natural Looking Links on your own domain
    You have total control of link text & URL anytime
  • You Can Change Where You Point the Link
    If you make a mistake or if there’s a problem, you can change the link anytime
  • WP Plugin Written By WordPress Security Specialists
    The plugin is written to highest security standards by known Industry Professionals
  • Now With Traffic Stats & Tracking Script Option
    See your best performing links at a glance & easily add tracking scripts for retargeting
  • SEO Friendly Links with Natural Keywords
    Creates links with a variety of SEO Friendly cloaking modes & you choice of keywords

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WP Linkshield 2.0 is best cloaker

WP Linkshield 2.0 is best cloaker

All Link Cloakers… They Break Responsive Sites!

Important… a Major bug has been
just found in almost ALL link
cloakers… they break responsive

WP Linkshield found that EVERY
single link cloaker tested broke
responsive sites…

No Joke!… & considering that
60% of us use mobile devices
nowadays… that’s a HUGE
problem & a huge amount of profit

If you’re not cloaking links you
are not safe either , you are
leaving up to 30% of sales on the
table through, affiliate theft,
browser switching & social

See the proof for yourself:

The best WP link cloakers


Before I explain that, I need to
explain cloaking modes…

There are 2 main cloaking modes –

1. REDIRECT CLOAKING – this is the
most common type – you get a new
URL & it redirects to the
original URL – problem here is…
this doesn’t hide your affiliate
ID & you lose money if the user
switches browsers or shares the
raw link

2. IFRAME CLOAKING – with this
method the URL never changes &
the destination page is loaded in
an IFRAME   – so your affiliate
ID is never exposed & you don’t
lose money through browser

Iframing is great for affiliates
as you can overlay messages, you
can kick exit pops – it gives you
a lot more control & reduced
commission losses.

However, the vendors of cloaking
tools have never looked at what
happens when users open responsive
sites in iframe mode – the answer

This boils down to BAD CODING …

WP Link Shield 2.0 protects your
affiliate links, makes your links
look natural, allows you to post
them socially with full metas &
maximizes your affiliate income
– a no brainer for ALL affiliate

Right now you get 62% OFF the
full price + you get free
lifetime upgrades.

Check it out here:

WP Link Shield 2.0